Ayastal’s Curiosities

Ayastal of the Minty Drips was a scumbag wizard of little repute. You’ve found her 400 square foot study somewhere forgotten and undisturbed by outsiders until now. The items of most interest:

Grey Oil. Four ounces of thick dark grey fluid in an amber glass bottle, stoppered with waxed cork. Looks shiny, smells of wet earth and mold. Tastes of metallic funky cheese. If tasted by a drop, the taster’s vision goes a little hazy for a moment, sounds are muted, and a brief dizzy spell. Over in a few seconds. If an ounce is drank, one will be blinded for d4 hours unless they succeed on a decent INT save (DC 15). Whether they are blinded or not, they will leave no tracks for d4 hours. For every ounce more than the first drank in a 24-hour period, there is a tripling 10% chance of permanent blindness if the INT save is not made (must save for every ounce drank).

Djeru. A well-worn canvas backpack that has seen better days, with a leather patch embossed with “Djeru”. If worn by a non-wizard, will loudly berate the wearer in a breathless non-stop barrage. If it runs out of insults (unlikely), it will simply scream non-stop. It does not speak in any other circumstances and does not respond to attempts at conversation. The backpack can read the mind of anyone wearing it. Watertight and immune to acid, it’s actually an excellent backpack.

Nice Pillow. A colorful silk pillow with some strange spongey inside, and decorated with a scene of a great city being destroyed by a storm of fire and lightning. If used to sleep, any minor head/neck problems (headache, sore neck, dandruff, etc.) are alleviated. Unstainable.

Purple Ink. Very purple.

Auto-Nail. A brass nail, three inches in length. If pressed against wood or softer worked materials, immediately drives itself into the material and is nearly impossible to remove without destroying what it’s driven into. If whispered “Out” in Squak (the language of birds) to very closely, and no one but the speaker can hear or see this, the nail pops right back out, leaving no hole behind.

Hairy Scarf. Dark brown scarf made of dwarven beard hair. When worn, the wearer’s face still looks relatively like it used to, but they become a dwarf. The scarf becomes their beard, and this change is only reversible by carefully cutting the beard off, after which it returns to scarf form.