Map courtesy of Dyson Logos

This is the first of a regular series where I’ll be building out a level-agnostic megadungeon. Once it’s complete, I’ll be putting it all together in pdf format. The map used has been made available for commercial use by Dyson Logos.

The map above (click it for the larger view) is colored by level, red being above orange, which is above light green. This is not merely functionality of the map, but the color of the stone that the hold is carved out of. It is Dakaszefon, or “Colorfountain”, a now derelict and reinhabited dwarven hold near the subterranean metropolis of Vos Inaril. It sits squarely in the Jarchari Turbulence, a border realm between Primeval Aqua and Terra, as well as the dread Dark Mirror.

After centuries of struggle, it was finally abandoned by the last few dozen remaining dwarves about eighty years ago. Many Vos Inaril dwarves are either from Dakaszefon or are descended from former residents of the once-mighty hold. Most of them still have long-lost family heirlooms still in these lost halls.

Many new inhabitants call the hold home. A hobgoblin mercenary band, a fishfolk sex cult, a medusa crime boss, a dragon and its library, a gunslinging thief who plays wargames with said dragon, an intelligent ooze and the skeletons that work its distillery; these are just a few of the dozens of groups here. Guilds, warbands, cults, study groups, adventuring parties, and loads of individual agents. All making a life here, all with their own relations among the others.

A party of adventurers will have plenty of material to run a campaign or three here.