I’ve been working on various species for Dark Sun. A note of context: the species for this bit of homebrew get bonus hit die. For comparison, two bonus is average, one bonus is low, three bonus is high, and four bonus is Muls. Ability scores are also a bit different. Classes and backgrounds are responsible for bonuses to ability scores, species just provide a minimum to one or more ability scores (usually 13, not particularly high; I did some re-thinking of my previous thoughts on the matter) that they increase to if lower than the value. I’ll do a post soon on more of how ability scores will work, the field is more leveled out.

Dromites are odd little folk, hermaphroditic humanoids with an insectoid appearance who live in sealed-off hives deep underground. Their society is strangely both highly regimented and appreciative of personal freedoms.

Dromites are born with a strong genetic memory and within minutes of birth can walk, use psychic talents, and speak Drome, a simple language of tones, pheromones, and body language (the written form is a variety of cuneiform). They are fully grown and physically mature by 2 years old, by which time their caste has already manifested itself. A dromite’s caste influences their temperament as well as their role in dromite society. Each caste has an energy type associated with it that its members can manifest and have resistance to.

Zeal dromites are passionate and quick to emotional response. They’re inclined towards martial pursuits, but like most dromites find a place in the arts as well. Their energy type is fire.

Voice dromites are subtle and complex in comparison to the zeal caste’s emotions on their sleeves. They are known for being socially influential; either as artists, negotiators, demagogues, and/or spies. Their energy type is poison.

Glimmer dromites are fast, fast, fast. Always moving: physically, socially, and emotionally. They don’t take much time to do anything and develop new tasks and goals for themselves constantly. Their energy type is lightning.

Crystal dromites are slow, steady, and thoughtful (at least compared to other dromites). They are inclined towards scholastic pursuits or anything requiring long and focused study. Their energy type is force.

The vast majority of dromites are hermaphroditic and cannot reproduce, but one out of ten thousand are born as Hive Consorts. Hive Consorts are 25’ x 7’ (at full maturity) worms that consume stone and vomit eggs which hatch into dromites. A Hive Consort will also usually consume any other Consorts who are born unless it’s close to death or there is enough physical room in the hive for multiple. Consorts are highly territorial, aggressive, cannot communicate except by telepathy, and are usually insane. The Consort has little role in ruling the hive and the rest of the hive even seeks to avoid the Consort having any power.

Dromite hives are sealed off completely from the surface, but some dromites use psionics to leave their hive for a time to explore the surface. This lifephase can last anywhere from 2 to 40 years or more, but rarely does an individual leave for good. A given city-state will usually have around 100-500 dromite expats.

Hit Die. You begin play with two bonus hit die of the same type as your hit die at 1st level. These are not maxxed out for determining hit points. Roll them like you would for levels beyond 1st.
Ability Score Increase. If your Charisma score is not at least 13, it becomes 13.
Age. You mature by 2 and can live nearly 120 years.
Size. You are about 3 feet tall and weigh around 30 pounds. Your size is Small.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 25 feet.
Weak Build. If a weapon you wield does not have the light quality, you treat it as though it had the heavy quality. Wearing armor reduces your speed by 5 feet and gives disadvantage to your Dexterity checks. Calculate your lifting and carrying capacities as though you were one size category smaller.
Compound Eyes. You have proficiency in the Perception skill.
Scent. You have advantage on Survival checks to track creatures by scent and you do not have disadvantage on attacks targeting organic creatures you cannot see.
Chitinous Hide. You have resistance to slashing damage.
Dromite Caste. Choose which dromite caste you belong to, as given on Table 1A: Dromite Castes.

Caste, Energy, Feature
Zeal, Fire, Proficiency with shields and one martial weapon of your choice.
Voice, Poison, The pheromones feature and proficiency with an instrument of your choice
Glimmer, Lightning, The Swift Step feature
Crystal, Force, You learn a bonus psychic talent of your choice

Kinetic Ray. You learn the Kinetic Ray psionic talent. Its energy type corresponds to the energy type of your caste.
Energy Resistance. You have resistance to the energy type of your caste.
Pheromones. If you are in the Voice Caste, at all times you exude an invisible cloud of mind-affecting chemicals which extends out in a 5 foot radius from your body. You have advantage on Persuasion checks against anyone within this radius, but suffer disadvantage on Deception checks against anyone in this radius as they have an instinctual understanding of your emotions.
Swift Step. If you are in the Glimmer Caste your base movement speed increases to 40 feet and you have advantage on initiative checks, but you lose the benefit of Compound Eyes and have disadvantage on any action which takes more than one round.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Tyrish and Drome.