Elves – Onrashin I

Alishin are the elves of Onra and are largely defined by their adherance to and pursuit of Teyoali, the Worldpaths. These paths pursue connection with and understanding of aspects of the universe through the lens of natural features and phenomena. Elves have long lives and may spend a few years or a few centuries pursuing a path before moving on to another one or revisiting an old one.
Like the dwarves of Onra, elves are an ancient people more than a little bewildered by the quickly changing world around them, expansion of the vulgars, and more than anyone else are struggling to adapt and find a place for themselves in this new paradigm. These days they most stick to their hidden and ever-shrinking woodland communities. Elves encountered outside of their hidden enclaves are almost always elves who are exploring Thimeano, the brook, the path of wandering where an elf lives among outsiders for a time before returning to live in seclusion.

The people of Onra, collectively known as Onrashin in the vulgar tongue, are my new approach to 5e peoples that I’ve been playing with. They don’t get ability score improvements and aren’t intended to be used alongside non-Onrashin peoples.

Age. Alishin mature by their early twenties and are ageless after their late twenties.
Size. Alishin usually stand around 5 feet tall, often with athletic builds. You are Medium and have a reach of 5 feet.
Speed. You have a walking speed of 30 feet.
Type. You are a Humanoid and a Fey.
Languages. You are proficient in the trade language Mita, the common Alishin tongue of Alotha, and another Alishin language of your choice.
Teyoali. Though you are currently pursuing the wandering path of Thimeano, you have pursued other paths however briefly. Thimeano is also an option among these, in the case that you have explored it before and are revisiting it, or that you’ve been exploring it for some time now. Choose two of the following:

Amiyaano. The path of waking explores the spirit of sunlight. You have advantage on Insight and Perception checks, which also grants a +5 bonus to your passive scores in those skills. In addition, magic can’t put you to sleep, and you have advantage on checks to discern illusions and saving throws against being charmed.

Anayeano. The path of dreaming explores the spirit of the moon. Whenever you finish a long rest, you gain proficiency in two skills and one language of your choice. One of the skills may be substituted for a tool or weapon proficiency. You retain these proficiencies until the start of your next long rest.

Iniraano. The path of the warrior explores the spirit of flame. Attacking at long range doesn’t impose disadvantage on your ranged weapon attack rolls, and your ranged weapon attacks ignore half and three-quarters cover. In addition, whenever you have advantage on an attack roll, you can reroll one of the dice once.

Thimeano. The path of wandering explores the spirit of the brook. You gain climbing and swimming speeds equal to your walking speed, and your movement speeds increase by 10 feet. In addition, your long rests may consist entirely of light activity.