Jasmuka, 1st level wizard

Jasmuka is a freelance wizard of small repute in the desert city of Maril, though she originally hails from Nalid to the southeast. She came here fleeing the cult under whom she learned her craft. She wears her shemagh up to hide her face from any who might recognize her from Nalid. The past few years have had their ups and downs, but on the whole she’s secured herself a somewhat comfortable life among Maril’s freelancers.
She drinks gallons of spiced tea every day, smokes heavily, and spends most of her free time in basement cornerclubs playing card games.

The following was constructed using fifth edition; the custom lineage from TCE, point buy (Variant: Customizing Ability Scores, PHB13), and equipment from background and class.

Human Wizard 1

STR -1, DEX +2, CON +2, INT +3, WIS +1, CHA +0

Proficiency bonus +2
HP 8 (1d6+2)
AC 12
Speed 30 feet
Saves Intelligence +5, Wisdom +3
Senses passive Insight 13, passive Perception 11
Skills Arcana +5, Deception +2, Insight +3, Religion +5, Sleight of Hand +4
Tools Disguise kits, forgery kits
Languages Common, Dwarvish

Arcane Recovery. Class Feature. She has learned to regain some of her magical energy by studying her spellbook. Once per day when she finishes a short rest, she can choose expended spell slots to recover. The spell slots can have a combined level that is equal to or less than half her wizard level (rounded up), and none of the slots can be 6th level or higher.
False Identity. Background Feature. She’s created a second identity that includes documentation, established acquaintances, and disguises that allow her to assume that persona. Additionally, she can forge documents including official papers and personal letters, as long as she’s seen an example of the kind of document or the handwriting she’s trying to copy.
Magic Initiate. Feat. She learns two wizard cantrips and one 1st-level wizard spell. She can cast the 1st-level spell once at its lowest level, and she must finish a long rest before she can cast it in this way again.

Cantrips: Encode thoughts, mage hand, mind sliver, minor illusion, and prestidigitation
Spellbook: Comprehend languages, detect magic, silent image, silvery barbs, Tasha’s hideous laughter, Tenser’s floating disk
Spells Known: Find familiar
Spell Slots: Two 1st-level slots

Possessions: Fine clothes, crystal arcane focus, dagger, backpack, “Resolution of Nonsingularities, Point-theoreticity, and Metric-admissibility for p-adic Hyperbolic Curves” (a book of lore on esoteric mathematics), disguise kit, weighted dice, bottle of ink, ink pen, 10 sheets of parchment, little bag of sand, small knife, and 15 gold.