Lamps on Moil

Population: ~33,400 residents
Demonym: Many; though official, “Citizen of the Commonwealth” is never used
Demographics: 65% Halfling, 20% Vulgar, 6% Dwarf, 5% Elf, 4% Other
Skillsets: 75% Professional, 15% Rogue, 5% Fighter, 3% Spellcaster, 2% Other
Lifestyles: 36% Modest, 34% Comfortable, 22% Poor, 6% Wealthy, 1% Squalid, 0.7% Wretched, 0.3% Aristocratic
Government: De jure vassal of Zenith, de facto demarchy with heavy influence from hundreds of noble families and mercantile companies
Languages: The common trade tongue of Mita and the regional halfling creole Amos

Imports: Ice, raw materials
Exports: Crafts, fish, lamp oil, tobacco, whiskey
Resources: Clay, crude oil, peat
Price Adjustments: x2 lodging (x1.5 in surrounding area), x1.3 food/drink, x0.8 finished goods

Climate: Humid subtropical; warm from spring through autumn with hot summers and mild winters, with a small handful of rare snow days every few years
Vibe: Lively, hospitable, mercantile, roguish

Military +4, Trade +5, Security +1, Academia +2, Faith +2, Glamor +3

Lamps on Moil is the largest city of the Eno Iño pentapolis and dominates trade in the bay, though administratively is a vassal to the constitutional monarcy in Zenith. Its twisting cobblestone alleys and narrow brick-paved streets are packed with street vendors and pubs. Pubs in particular are the center of social life in Lamps, with at least one for every fifty residents. The city is split into 670 acres with defined borders (finding the various historical acre markers can be something of a pastime for the nerd-inclined) , and each one has a council pub charter. New establishments can be opened, but more commonly old ones are rebranded, and if the only pub in an acre loses its staff the council will do its damnedest to restaff it.

The government of Lamps on Moil is the typical halfling kludge of demarchy and adhocracy. Each acre has its own small council (sometimes just a single representative who fills every council seat), the larger boroughs have councils with seats elected from councilmembers of its acres, and finally the city has a few dozen positions which are appointed by lottery (pulling from citizens with at least twenty years of residency). Non-halflings find it a wonder that this is not only a functional system, but a particularly effective one. Though it is a vassal of Zenith, Lamps is largely autonomous and is happy to keep its aggressive neighbor placated with taxes and a superficial display of fealty.

Adventures in Lamps typically scoundrel-oriented, with investigations coming second, and light mercenary work (caravan guarding and enforcement, mostly) in the surrounding region making up a less-profitable third. Bounty hunters can make a consistent living here, but the real money for freelancers here is among the ubiquitous criminal element. Nearly every pub in the city has its own local den of scoundrels who largely focus on burglary and political sabotage. Violent crime is uncommon but not unheard of, and known scoundrels are often tapped by enforcers to investigate these odd matters.