Celestials gave up and abandoned the multiverse millennia ago, gods have lost their seats of power though the most cunning of them have managed to at least maintain celebrity status, and just a few years ago humans (who everyone thought were rising stars and soon to be a dominant force) failed catastrophically in their attempt to build an interplanar highway. Their energy source, a volcano chain on the Prime Material, went critical and it tore the very foundations of the planes. And the wizards responsible for the project have of course gone into hiding.

It’s a game that will focus on exploration, politics, and investigation in depraved ancient metropolises. Or breaking out of that system and building something better. The planes are broken, things are coming apart at the seams, and someone needs to do something.

Been working on this off an on for about two years now and finally launched a Patreon.

We’re a long way from being done, but I’m really excited about this.