Three-hands and crew

Three-hands and her crew are a low-level team of thieves in the jungle fortress-town of Aracai. They’re making a living, have a handful of contacts, and own a joint safehouse in the basement of Jaren’s pub, but have yet to make it big.


The crew’s face. Hustler, con artist, card shark. She was exiled in Maril from a pirate ship after stealing from the quartermaster and a few years later left the desert city to build a new crew in Aracai after she refused to play nice with Maril’s criminal unions. The underworld is a lot less organized here, and she’s hoping to build something big. Likes rum. 5’6″, dark complexion, heavy build, lots of scars, big smile.

STR +1, DEX +0, CON +3, INT +1, WIS +0, CHA +3. Skills: Acrobatics +2, Brawling +3, Cards +4 (Ninefold +6), Deception +5 (Confidence tricks +7), First History +3, Knives +2, Locks +2, Persuasion +5, Sleight of Hand +2. Contacts: Azele (alchemist), Griselda (mercenary), Jaren (publican, distiller), Miro (enforcer), Vetlya (fixer). Property: Riding lizard, simple wardrobe, silver and malachite ring, two steel knives, rapier, pin lockpicks, and a Ninefold deck.


The crew’s spy and scribe. Cartographer, courier, former court bookkeeper. Started out in the guild life, classically trained. Has been a court bookkeeper, spy/courier, worked aboard both navy and pirate ships, and tried to study magic but never got anywhere with it. Ended up stranded in Aracai after the noble family he was working for in the northern town of Varfell were all slaughtered in a particularly brutal house war. Likes herbal liqueurs, gin, mead, and eel jerky. 5’5″, fair complexion, missing a few toes, quiet but friendly, good listener.

STR +0, DEX +1, CON +1, INT +2, WIS +1, CHA +1. Skills: Arcana +4, Calligraphy +3 (Letters +5), Codes +4 (Written +6), Deception +3, First History +4, Forgery +3 (Letters +5), Inkmaking +3, Persuasion +3, Pottery +3 (Stamps +5), Second History +4, Sleight of Hand +3, Third History +4. Contacts: Burt (sailor), Jaren (publican, distiller), Zduse (assassin). Property: Professional-class wardrobe, iron choker, iron knuckles, steel knife, rapier, pin lockpicks, several quills, several fine inks, several fine sealing waxes, and a stamp with a swappable face.


The crew’s lock specialist and engineer. Metallurgist, psychonaut, puzzler. Only one in the crew who’s native to Aracai. They’ve grown up here and own the apartment above Jaren’s pub and distillery near the east gate. Spends most of their time on the roof smoking Qua root and looking at the stars, playing around with little mechanical puzzles, and occasionally helping Jaren with the distillery. Has a crush on Three-Hands but hasn’t brought it up yet. 6’1″, elven, thin, dark ashy complexion, solid black eyes.

STR -1, DEX +3, CON +1, INT +3, WIS +2, CHA +0. Skills: Alchemy +5 (Hallucinogens +7), Arcana +5 (Astronomy +7), Engineering +5, Locks +5 (Combination +7, Disc +7, Pins +7, Puzzle +7, Repair +7), Meditation +4 (Lucid Dreaming +6), Pieces +5 (Long Sea +7), Smithing +4, . Contacts: 25% of people in Aracai, Jaren (publican, distiller). Property: Rooftop garden, merchant-class household goods, merchant-class wardrobe, cinnabar and zinc ear studs, Long Sea board and pieces, pin lockpicks, disc detainer tool, locksmith accoutrements, puzzle probe, dozens of shims, tinkerer’s tools, dozens of lenses, glass Qua pipe.


The crew’s burglar. Contortionist, climber, lockpicker. Born and raised in Istanil, she came to Aracai on a job that went wrong and has stuck around out of fear of facing her employers back home. They’re unsanctioned sorcerers, so they’re bound to meet a grisly end any day now, and she’ll return once they have. She has simple tastes and can’t handle most of Aracai’s local dishes. Sticks to vodka and meat pies. 6’3″, light tan, fit, all business.

STR +2, DEX +3, CON +2, INT +0, WIS +1, CHA +0. Skills: Acrobatics +5 (Balance +7, Contortion +7), Appraisal +3 (Art +5, Gems +5), Athletics +4 (Climbing +6, Running +6), Locks +5 (Windows +7), Sleight of Hand +5, Stealth +5 (Indoors +7). Contacts: Gemmy (fixer), Hvestosh (tapestrier), Jaz (cultist), Jaren (publican, distiller), Method (fence). Property: Pet raven, cheap wardrobe, steel knife, pin lockpicks, crank jam, several shims, tiny mirror on extendable probe, 50 feet of hemp twine, 50 feet of hemp rope, several snatch blocks, and a flask of grain spirit.


The crew’s cutthroat. Fighter, rigger, sailor. Has sailed up and down Ud’s western coast engaging in high piracy. They’ve made many lifetimes’ worth of fortune, and caroused most of it away. This new venture with Three-Hands is a little outside their wheelhouse, but it’s something new and they’re not getting any younger… something safer than raiding could be nice. Not sure if they’ll stick with it, but they fill a niche in this new crew that no one else does which is a fulfilling change of pace. 5’1″, chunky, greying hair, burnt complexion.

STR +3, DEX +2, CON +2, INT +0, WIS +1, CHA +1. Skills: Acrobatics +4, Athletics +5 (Climbing +7, Swimming +7), Axes +5, Brawling +5 (Grappling +7), Cooking +3, Intimidation +3, Knives +4, Sleight of Hand +4, Survival +3 (Rigging +5), Swords +5 (Cutlass +7). Contacts: 25% of western pirates, Jaren (publican, distiller) Stisla (gambler, pit fighter). Property: Pet snake, traveler’s wardrobe, several steel knives, steel knuckles, steel cutlass, steel handaxe, chitin maille coat, silver teeth, whaleskin boots, flask of cinnamon-citrus brandy.