Tyr Coast Humans

Here’s some playtest rules I’m using for humans in my Dark Sun homebrew. As noted in a previous post, I’m not a big fan of the tradition of making humans these bland blank slate characters.

Hit Die. You begin play with two bonus hit die of the same type as your hit die at 1st level. These are not maxxed out for determining hit points. Roll them like you would for levels beyond 1st.
Ability Score Increase. If your Intelligence or Charisma score is not at least 13, it becomes 13.
Age. You mature by 13 and can live nearly a century.
Size. You are a little over 6 foot tall on average and weigh roughly 200-220 pounds.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Demented. You must choose one tic and one additional vice at 1st level. You have disadvantage on saves against gaining and resisting addictions, vices, and tics.
Tool Mastery. You have proficiency with four craftsman’s tools or musical instruments of your choice.
Slaver’s Tongue. You have advantage on Charisma checks with non-human targets.
Born in the Maze. You do not suffer any penalty to movement from crowds, you have advantage on Perception checks to navigate urban environments and mazes of all varieties.
Languages. You can speak Tyrish and three other languages of your choice.